Privacy statement

Privacy statement

This privacy statement contains our information, explains personal data and the processing of personal data and for what purposes we process your personal information. It explains your rights, what we do to ensure your personal data are safe and how long they are stored. This privacy statement applies when you visit our website (www.acai-benelux.eu), place an order or close contracts.


Our information

ACAI Benelux

A. Hofmanweg 5A

2031BH Haarlem


Phone number: 085-3036417

Chamber of Commerce number: 51779560





Personal data

Personal data are data that provide information about you that directly or indirectly identify you.


Processing personal data

By processing personal data we mean the collection, recording, organisation, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by forwarding, dissemination or otherwise making available, combining, blocking, erasure or destruction of your personal data.



We process your personal data for the following purposes: so that we can contact you, for the ordering process, the implementation of the agreement, so that we can inform you of changes to our services or products, so that we can deliver our products or services to you, to send newsletters if you gave permission, for general or targeted offers, for your account on our website, to post reviews. We only process personal data that are necessary for these purposes.


We also process your personal information to fulfil legal obligations, improve our services, to investigate complaints and to prevent fraud. We never sell your personal information to third parties. We don’t draw up profiles of you and we don’t take automated decisions that can have significant consequences for you. In order to take care of your personal data, we conclude a processing agreement with companies if those companies process your data in our assignment.


Personal data that we process

In order to carry out the purposes, we process the following personal data:

– First and last name
– Gender
– Adress
– Phone number
– E-mail adress
– Bank account number


You also have rights

Wish to know which personal data we processed? Send an email to sales@acai-benelux.euwith a request for access to your data. You will receive a response to the request within four weeks.


Are your personal data incorrect, incomplete, irrelevant for the purposes for which they are processed or otherwise in breach of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or other legislation? Then you have the right to correction of your personal data. Correction means correction, addition, deletion or blocking of your personal data. You also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data, the right to have less data processed, the right to withdraw permission you have given and the right to data portability. Send your request to sales@acai-benelux.eu. Or contact us by phone: 085-3036417. You will receive a response to the request within four weeks. We would also like to point out the possibility of submitting a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.  



Personal data are personal and should remain personal. We find it just as important as you that your personal data do not go public or are processed unlawfully. We therefore apply all possible technical and organisational measures to safely handle your personal data. To secure your personal data we use passwords for electronic systems and a secure internet connection.


Storage personal data

Your personal data will be deleted after 5 years. We do not store your personal data longer than is strictly necessary for carrying out the purposes. If there are legal requirements applicable to the storage, the personal data are no longer stored than required by law.

Cookie statement

Cookie statement

Dutch hospitality is a cookie with your coffee or tea. Digital hospitality is a cookie for a website visit. Cookies make our website user-friendly. In this cookie statement you can read our information, what cookies are, which cookies we – and third parties – use, why these cookies are used, how long we keep cookies and how to delete cookies.


Our information

ACAI Benelux

A. Hofmanweg 5A

2031BH Haarlem


Phone number: 085-3036417

Chamber of Commerce number: 51779560





What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that store information. We, or other parties, place these text files on your computer or mobile device. For example, in your next visit, we are able to read your preferences or login details in the text file. This means that you do not have to indicate your preferences again and we can make the website more user-friendly. Under the heading “Cookies Overview” you will see which cookies we place and what they are used for.


Note: If you do not consent to placing cookies, we cannot guarantee that our website or any part thereof works properly.


Overview cookies:

Functional necessary cookies

We place functional cookies to make our website work well. No permission is required for placing these cookies. This concerns cookies that make sure preferences are saved, information is remembered when you go to another subpage, it is remembered if you have given permission to post cookies, the shopping cart is working and data is remembered for the ordering process.

Social media, YouTube and Google Maps cookies
To share content from our website on social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram will place cookies. For watching videos, cookies are placed by YouTube. To show maps, cookies are placed by Google Maps.


Tracking cookies

We continuously improve our website by analysing how you use our website, how you found us and where there are any bottlenecks.  Cookies are placed by Google Analytics.

Ad cookies
To ensure you do not see the same ad every time, offers match your interests, we know how many visitors click on an ad and how many people eventually make a purchase cookies are placed by Google and Facebook.


We do not store cookies longer than required by law and not longer than is strictly necessary for carrying out the purposes.


If other parties place cookies, their cookie statement applies. This may change in the meantime. The current cookie statement can be found on the website of the party concerned.


You can also delete cookies

Via your web browser (the programme that allows you to view websites) you can delete cookies. How this should be done depends on the Internet browser. We have created a short guide for the most common Internet browsers.


Google Chrome:Go to Settings, click Advanced Settings, click Clear Browsing Data, select Cookies, and Other Site and Plugin Details, and then click Clear Browsing Data.

Internet Explorer:Go to Settings, click Clear Browsing Data, select Cookies and Saved Website Data, and click Delete.

Safari:Go to Preferences, click Security, click Show Cookies, click Delete All, or select one or more cookies and click Delete.

Mozilla Firefox: Go to the menu and choose Options, select Privacy, choose use custom settings for History at Firefox, click on Show Cookies, click on Delete All Cookies, or select one or more cookies and click on Delete Selected.


Is your web browser not included? Or have the settings changed in the meantime? Then use the help or search function of your Internet browser.



We can change the information in this cookie statement without notice. Changes are required, for example, if we modify our website or if the legislation is modified. We encourage you to check regularly if the information provided and the text of this cookie statement have been changed.



By visiting and using this website www.acai-benelux.eu you agree to be bound by this disclaimer and the conditions contained in this disclaimer.


Information and referrals

All information provided on or through this website is of a general nature, no rights can be derived from this. Upon composing and maintaining this website ACAI Benelux acts very carefully. The sources and references have also been examined by ACAI Benelux for reliability. Despite such care ACAI Benelux cannot guarantee the correctness, completeness and timeliness of the information. ACAI Benelux expressly rejects any liability for the accuracy, completeness, timeliness of the information and the use of this website.


The information on and through this website offered by ACAI Benelux can be printed or downloaded for personal use. However, it is strictly prohibited to disclose, copy or distribute this information or take any other action that is inconsistent with the intellectual property rights of ACAI Benelux.



All the information offered by ACAI Benelux on or through this website may be changed without notice. The text of this disclaimer is also subject to change without notice. ACAI Benelux encourages you to check regularly if the offered information and the text of this disclaimer has been modified.


Applicable law

The Dutch law is exclusively applicable to this website and disclaimer. Disputes are submitted to the competent court in the Netherlands.

The privacy statement, cookie policy and disclaimer have been drawn up in writing by Acai Benelux, drawn up by our partner © EenvoudigRecht.nl

Cookie instellingen

Deze website maakt gebruik van functionele en analytische cookies die noodzakelijk zijn om deze site zo goed mogelijk te laten functioneren. Hieronder kan je aangeven welke andere soorten cookies je wilt accepteren.

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